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Playing games of any kind have become passion and comfort for youngster’s though children or teenager or even TV celebs. Every new comer wants to take part in extra curricular activities though in school or college or even any Volleyball tournament. Now a days celebrities are also taking part in many games like cricket hockey and showing their keen interest in games.


Its good to take part in every activities as it keeps us fit and healthy and also can make you a champion. Volleyball is a such a game which when played can make you more sincere, attentive and healthy too. I too remember about this game where i used to play with my school friends in p.t class. Our sports sir used to train us because this game was going to be held in sports day. I had many of my friends in my team but other team was a little strong because there was an athlete girl present in the team. She used to win every sport that’s why we had little tension but also we won. It is a game of two teams and a ball with a net in between. Net separates the two team and in each team there are six players with an extra player kept aside in each team for any help if needed or if any player wants to take break etc.





The main purpose of the game is that each team will try to score points by predicate a ball on the other team’s court, taking care of rules. It is said that since 1964 this game has been a part of official program held in the name of Summer Olympic Games. It can be played indoor, ground, beach, grass etc. It was first played in 1895, in famous places like Holyoke, Massachusetts, and United State’s held by William G. Morgan. If playing as a tournament rules are across the bard but if it can also be played like a game as played in school, college or for entertainment where simple rules can also run. The technique to play with ball is with the hands or arms, but players ¬†have legal permission to strike or push the ball with any part of the body. Now a days a number of consistent and different versatile techniques have enabled in volleyball, including spiking and blocking along with passing, setting, and particular player bearings and annoying and arresting structures.

Benefit’s of playing volleyball

It holds many benefits though you play it indoor, on beach or in grass. You are going to enjoy its benefits as follows:-

  • Burns lots of calories and fats:- People are now days very much worried about their weight thus if you play this game you are going to lose your extra weight by just playing half an hour or one hour each day. It is said that in one hour of playing this game a person can lose up to 480 calories.
  • Tone’s and shapes the body:- Playing regularly strengthens the upper body, arms and shoulders and also the muscles of the lower body. It also improves the cardiovascular sytam as well as respiratory systems.
  • Increase’s your bodies metabolic rate
  • Improve’s internally or externally hand and eye co-ordination
  • Keeps you active and make your body strong
  • Keeps your heart healthy
  • Boost’s mood and increases drive to succeed

Famous players of India

Minomol Abraham, Terin Antony, Balwant Singh Sagwal, Abdul Basith, Nripjit Singh Bedi, Priyanka Bora, Anup D’Costa, K. J. Kapil Dev, P. J. Jomol, Princy Joseph and many more champions in the list are present to win India.


By just following rules and concepts you are able to enjoy the game with your friends and families. This is very fun loving game and there are lots of tings to know about the game.

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