Top Slot Machines with Free Spins Bonus from Playtech

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Playtech is generous provider. It gives bettors a lot of bonuses to multiply their winning, including free spins. Almost all of Playtech’s game has free spins feature to make the game more exciting. However, if you want more tantalizing slots games with this feature try to play in this top and most trusted online casino gambling site in Malaysia. Here are top slot machines with free spins bonus from Playtech that you should know.

Top Slot Machines with Free Spins Bonus from Playtech

Top Slot Machines with Free Spins Bonus from Playtech

Top Slot Machines with Free Spins Bonus from Playtech

  • Iron Man 3

If you are a fan of Iron Man, then don’t dare to skip Iron Man 3 slot from Playtech. This 5-reel slot game is one of the best from Playtech and the fandom can get. First of all, the displays are undeniably good – where else will you find the use of 3D graphics and background music as good as this game? There may be some, but not much competition existed.

Surprisingly, Iron Man 3 also put up three mini games to play with. There are not much slot games that actually put up two bonus games, let alone several choices. The bonus is called “Hall of Armor”. Each time the bonus round is triggered, there will appear three versions of Iron Man’s suit; War Machine, Iron Patriot, and Mark 42. Bettors can choose one of the suit to play different mini games and get 10 free spins. In case of good luck, they can get additional three spins if golden armor appears.

  • Desert Treasure

Compared to Iron Man 3, Desert Treasure seems tamer. This game put up five reel slots and 20 different paylines to choose from. The game picked up desert animals as its symbols, such as colorful camels, lizards, and deadly scorpions. Looking blindly, Desert Treasure may look bland. However, the game actually put up two instead of one bonus rounds bettors can get throughout the game. As if that’s not enough, bettors can prolong their gaming time by getting 10 free spin every appearance of three scatter symbols – which can be re triggered as long as the game goes.

  • Spider man: Attack of The Green Goblin

There are just not enough superhero themed slots online. Spiderman: Attack of The Green Goblin is one of the numerous hero-themed slot available. The slots of the theme tend to appear trashy, but this game actually nailing it quite good with good displays. That aside, the game is designed pretty basic – there are five reels and 25 different paylines bettors can play with.

Of course, basic design doesn’t equal basic gameplay. Be ready and get surprised when you get a wild, as the symbol trigger diehard combos to your advantage. If that’s not enough, there is also growing multipliers. The multipliers will grow with more wild appear on your reel. Free spins can be acquired by the appearance of Spidey symbol. You will at least need three of them to get some free spins.

Which one from those top slot machines with free spins bonus from Playtech, do you want to choose? Those amazing games are also equipped with other features that will make your day more colorful. What are you waiting for? Deposit your money and start to bet!

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