Odds of This Interesting Sic Bo Variant Super Color Sic Bo

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Sic Bo is one casino game indeed very popular among the Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site. It is also popular for it is where luck dominates chance. In this game your win entirely depends on the rolling of three of the dices. So it is entirely impossible to predict a win with hundred percent certainty but we are going to guide you. Here is the Odds of This Interesting Sic Bo Variant Super Color Sic Bo so now you can enjoy the super color sic bo at the comfort and privacy of your computer or smartphone.

Odds of This Interesting Sic Bo Variant Super Color Sic Bo

It is an unequal game of chance where the win entirely depends on the results of the three dice of ancient Chinese origin. So the word Sic Bo means precious dice and hence all the luck in the game is based on these outcome of dices. This game is popular throughout Asia and bet players of Macau are really fond of it. This was brought to the United States by the Chinese and then on its really popular.

Odds of This Interesting Sic Bo Variant Super Color Sic Bo

Odds of This Interesting Sic Bo Variant Super Color Sic Bo

The Best Tips to Play Sic Bo

All you can do is pay attention to the bets you make on sic bo at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website. Maybe that’s the best strategy to beat the house in it. Betters throughout the world have tried hard to create a strategy to predict a sure win in the game of sic bo but nothing works under the influence of the sacred dice of luck. Not getting overboard is one another way to play your best at sic bo.

Big Bet and Small Bet

Small Bets and Big Bets are the least risky of the bets to enjoy the game of sic bo. For the fun of playing sic bo these are the best bets as you won’t lose much but chances are that you can win a decent amount in the long run. They are not much exciting but betting less and with precautions you can win the real jackpot in this game of uncertainty and pure luck.

As the name suggests Small Bet are safe way to bet in this game. In a game of small bet you predict the sum total of the results to sacred dices to be between 4 and 10. So you win if your predictions come true. There can’t be any strategy to win this but to listen to your intuition and choose to bet less but with caution and with all the fun.

When you are betting big, you are a winner if the sum of the outcomes of both the dices are between 11 and 17. This is also a safe and wise bet to choose from with a little less payout but equal chances of losing less if the odds are not in your favor.

Other Bets on Sic Bo

Betting on a single number is also permissible according to the rules of sic bo and can help you win more than on an average in the long run. The chances of winning are higher for betting on a single number but the chances of winning can be lower than that of big and small bet. Instead of choosing a single number on the die you can improve your chances of winning more by betting on set of numbers.

There are more bets to be played on The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, but we would suggest you to proceed with these bets to maximize your win in each bet. Bet on these sacred dice and we now know that you have great chances of winning more and mastering this popular game.

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