Live Super Color Sic Bo Bet Probabilities and Payouts

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Live Super Sic Bo has wonderful bets and probabilities with different variation of house edges and payouts. Before you play it at The Most Trusted Live Casino Website in Malaysia, you need to understand live super color sic bo bet probabilities and payouts it in and out for your chance to play nicely at any casino.

We have collected everything and listed it down for you to ensure that you understand how every bet is played and maximum and minimum payout that you can get from it. Take your time and learn all these things for your chance to win big money always. You need to play nicely at all times.

Live Super Color Sic Bo Bet Probabilities and Payouts

Single Number Bets

These kind of bets are having a payout of 1:1 and a house edge of close to 8. This is something that is of benefit to the casino since even when you win, you will get 92% of the money back to you. Unless you count your stake too, the returns are not worth the risk.

Live Super Color Sic Bo Bet Probabilities and Payouts

Live Super Color Sic Bo Bet Probabilities and Payouts

Two Number Bets

The payout for these kinds of bets is normal 5:1. It has a house edge of 16.6% something that reduces the probability of winning to low levels. You don’t need to do that, just make sure that you play nicely and you can emerge victoriously on this type of bet.

The three number totals is also another kind of a bet that looks exactly like this one. You need to make sure that you play nicely for your chance to win big money always. Always play nicely and make sure that you follow Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website rules.

9 And 12 Kind Of Live Super Color Sic Bo Bets

These have a payout of 6:1 which makes everything of them to be wonderful. You earn big even of the house edge is big. With a house edge of 19% you will still remain with a lot of money even if they deduct your money from the winnings.

Specific Triple Live Super Color Sic Bo bet

This is one of the best bet with a payout of 180:1. You could easily become a millionaire when you put a lot of stake and ensure that your bet comes true. This bet has a house edge of 16.3% which makes it an ideal bet for you to make the most necessary wins always. You need to ensure that you bet wonderfully and fantastically at all times. You can make good money out of it but its occurrences are very rare.

How to Determine the Probability of the Game

Depending on the kind of the game that every person is playing at The Most Trusted Live Casino Website in Malaysia, the probability varies from game to game. The highest probability is 6.93% which is the totals of 7 and 15 but that does not mean that it will win several when played, winning is matter of strategizing and making the perfect moves for you to win.

Make sure that you play wonderful and make the appropriate wins so that you avoid loses by all means. Live Super Color Sic Bo is a wonderful game, only when played on the perfect live casino where you can get a lot of winnings and promotions at all times.

Play today for your chance to become the next millionaire. You can be sure that all the figures included are meant to attract you so you better be careful when playing the game to avoid choosing the wrong options.

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