Is Tiger Woods the all-time best player in the golf?

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Tiger Woods, as we all know, has been the best player of our generation but Is Tiger Woods the all-time best player in the golf?. Even if a person has never watched golf in his life, they would still know the name of this charismatic player. Analogically, he is- what Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket,  Roger Federer is to tennis and Ronaldo is to football- The God of Golf. So the question is whether we should be considering him the best to witness the game or not. Surprisingly, the answer is both yes and no.

The man once at his peak seemed like a God of the game dominating it and there was no chance he was going to let the opponent win the tournament. He won the career slam (all the 4 majors at one time) thrice same as his nearest competitor Jack Nicklaus. If you compare the total majors the two had, Jack comes out to be the winner with 18 while Tiger still has 14. Considering this as a factor, surely, Jack comes out to be the better of the two but still it is debatable that Woods won more player of the year awards, more PGA tour wins and, maybe statistically comparing the best season of the two guys, Woods is surely the hero.

Is Tiger Woods the all-time best player in the golf?

Is Tiger Woods the all-time best player in the golf?

Is Tiger Woods the all-time best player in the golf?

In addition to this, Jack was totally consistent during his time but the fact still remains that he was never able to overpower his opponents the way Woods did in his prime. Woods, during his prime, was unbeatable but, sometimes, Jack used to come second too. Though that honeymoon period didn’t last long as Woods got caught in his personal life which totally destroyed his career. The way his career and fame rose exponentially, all of it went down in the same exponential manner, which henceforth, allowed other budding golf players a chance to shoot up like a star.

There have been other great players like Ben Hogan , Bobby Jones etc., but none of them were as good as these two. Although people would have loved to witness this rivalry a lot, but both were the Kings of their time. They, surely, would have been just like the Messi and Ronaldo of the golf world.

There have been many players quoting Woods as the better player of the two and even Nicklaus himself said that Woods would have broken all his majors record but unfortunately wasn’t able to do so. Woods has been a story of a fallen hero who rose and dominated like a king and stumbled upon by himself as well so Tiger Woods, as we all know, has been the best player of our generation but Is Tiger Woods the all-time best player in the golf?. On the other side, we have Jack Nicklaus who had been a story of a hard working sportsman who fulfilled his dream to be the best and lived like a prince and went down like a hero unlike Woods. Jack has seen defeat during his time as well as at the times when he was at the peak; there were times where he used to finish second. Woods would have been called “the best” if he would have been able to continue his form but his personal struggles costed him pretty badly and, unfortunately, the game lost one of its best gems.

So, we saw that it is completely debatable if we can call Woods the best, all by the grace of the legend called Jack Nicklaus. People say that stats don’t lie, but, even the stats aren’t in agreement here because the latter won more major tournaments but the former has better scores and more ‘player of the year’ awards. Hence, it is best leaving to everybody’s perspective to who they prefer. One being the king of his time, winning everything coming his way until a dark storm turned out to be a doom for his limelight, while, on the other hand, the latter turned out be the dark invader, getting the titles time to time and adding it to his tally and trying to get better with every defeat.

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