Interesting facts about the water basketball

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Everyday sport is important is the important factor to be played here are some Interesting facts about the water basketball. Without playing games you cannot find relaxation and cannot maintain your physical fitness. Playing games not only gives relaxation and also it improves and maintains confidence level in every person always keep the practice of playing any games. Outdoor games like volleyball, basketball and throw ball give you good confidence level. Playing basketball gives you to enjoy and at the same time, you can improve your health fitness. Water basketball is the same as playing normal basketball but this game is to be played in the water. By sticking to this article you can gain information about the game.

Interesting facts about the water basketball

Basketball is the game played from school level to the Olympic level. The main objective of the game is to put the ball into the hoop which is hanged at the top from 10 feet above ground level. This is the game played by two teams with five players. If the player shoots the ball then the team will be getting points through this. There will be rules and regulations for this game. If any player violates the rules then he will be given penalty and punishment regarding for the same. There is another type of basketball called water basketball.

Interesting facts about the water basketball

Interesting facts about the water basketball

Water basketball:

Water basketball is the aquatic sport and it is one of the combinations of basketball and water polo which is played in the swimming pool. Since 1970, this game is being played by Netherland people and it is developed its version in 1997.

Interesting facts about the water basketball, This game is dynamic because it is played behind the basket. The main objective of the game is that players need to put the ball in the basket. Team with high points is regarded as the winner. Rules and regulations for this game will be simple and easy to play. This game is being played by two teams and each team should consist of six players. Water basketball is applicable for a mixed approach like there can be three female players out of six players. You can also a maximum of substitutes in the field of play.

Rules of the game:

Water basketball is the simple game who knows swimming. Playing game in water will be very interesting and make the people maintain their health well. Rules of the game are called as protocols. It should be followed properly by players to score the points easily and competition will be fair between two teams, Interesting facts about the water basketball. Below given are the rules of the game water basketball

  • The team should consist of five players but only four should in water. They need to wear a unique number
  • The player should not touch the ball without the inner tube. If it happens so then it is considered as foul
  • Players need to catch, throw and pass the ball to their team members or else they can straight away put into the basket to score points.
  • Playing area of the Pool must be in six-lane
  • If the team made more than three fouls than the opponent team will be getting a point for every foul.
  • Two points will be scored for every goal.
  • Free throws, throw-ins and jump balls are allowed


Violation is nothing but the player should not do the things against the rules. If it does so then severe action will be taken against the players by the official members. During the play, players should not

  • Touch the bottom of the pool for your support
  • Players should not kick the ball rather than passing and catching it
  • Hold the ball under water
  • Players should not push-off or hold the sides for their support
  • Touching, passing and catching the ball is not allowed when players are not in the inner tube.

Finally, play the game without any violations. Because of playing this game you can able to maintain your body fitness through swimming. It is the game of bringing self-confidence throughout the life. Play the game and enjoy to the core.

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