India opens the Aston Villa Football Club Academy

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India opens the Aston Villa Football Club Academy, which is the major boost for kid football players. In Birmingham, the iconic football club announced the plans to open a football academy in New Delhi. It will provide the best chances for the deprived kids. Tony Xia, who is Chairman of Aston Villa Football Club, said to the media that they want to expand globally, and he said Aston villa is not only opening in Indian Super League in New Delhi, but also want to open football academies all over India. He further added that the Aston Villa is one of the best football academies across the globe. It has huge fans throughout the world and some of the fans include: David Cameron, Price William, Tom Hanks and they are using their network. The next year, U17 FIFA World Cup will be held in India. So, the Aston Villa wants to help and promote the FIFA world cup and make it a big celebration for football sports.

India opens the Aston Villa Football Club Academy

India plans football coaching for the football players, and they have held meetings with Tony Xia and group members of Aston Club associated with several members of the Indian Government. The Indian government members include Vijay Goel, Minister of sport, and Prakesh Javedekar, who is the Minister of Education. They are discussing to provide training for football coaches for Indian state schools. The New Aston Villa Academy has been opened for the facility of training the football players. The main objective of India is to have a challenging football team on the international stage and India wants to host the World cup. So, they have decided to provide football coaching for the players and they intend to help the Indian football players.

India opens the Aston Villa Football Club Academy

India opens the Aston Villa Football Club Academy

 Aston Villa plan to coach youngsters:

New Delhi has planned to provide coaching and training for youngsters from the age of 5. The Aston FC club also provides the same training in England players. The Aston club said that they need to provide coaching for every kid and they want to give equal opportunity for them.  However, they have planned to send coaches and afford the coaching program for underprivileged kids and girls. The Aston Villa also co-founded the English Premier League and Football League over the world and they have spent the second longest period over the 105 years in England. They are the top stage of the football coaching academies.

Aston Villa accomplishments:

Aston villa club won seven times the top league and has beaten the Bayern Munich and made a victory of the European Cup. Now, they are called the Champions League. In Birmingham, the Aston Villa is also leading at the club of Midlands playing in the iconic Villa Park Stadium. This academy of the football club is regarded as one of the very best football training ground, which is situated outside Birmingham at Bodymoor Health. The Deputy Chairman of Aston Villa Club, Chris Samuelson said that they provide the best facilities for junior footballers. So, the juniors can try to win with the best at the international level. They recognize the value of educational, social and sporting environment for their students. They hope to make the game reachable to more people, especially for kids, who come from the underprivileged section. So, they are promoting India and open the Aston Villa Club in New Delhi. Moreover, Aston Club helps and promotes the Indian kids from poor sections. On June 2016, the Aston Villa Football club has been purchased by the sports and Leisure Division of Recon group, who is one of the leading smart city Builders. The Chairman of Aston Villa, Tony Xia is the youngest owner of a top English Football Club and he promotes many kids.

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