Dragon Tiger Online Nice Casino Game to Make Lots of Money

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If you looking for a game that is a blend of baccarat and casino war, then Dragon Tiger is surely something that is worth playing. This game has a sense of mystery and fun to it. Players who are looking for ways to make a little extra game, then Dragon Tiger online nice casino game to make lots of money is surely a game worth considering.

Dragon Tiger Online Nice Casino Game to Make Lots of Money

This popular Asian Came was first invented in Cambodia, Dragon Tiger Online as explained earlier is a blend between Baccarat and Casino War. If you look at the betting system of this game, it is similar to that of Baccarat while from casino war, the basis has been taken. This nice Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site game has two pots the Dragon and Tiger and on each spot, there will be one card placed.

Dragon Tiger Online Nice Casino Game to Make Lots of Money

Dragon Tiger Online Nice Casino Game to Make Lots of Money

Place Your Bets on the Right Guess

In order To Make Lots of Money, all you have to go ahead and do is place your bets on Dragon or Tiger. In the game, there is 3.73% house edge, which is said to be the lowest for any of bets that are placed. All the player has to do is guess if the Tiger or the Dragon will have the card that is of a higher rank.  This is a guessing game, which means that the players just have to place their bets where they feel is right.

Dragon Tiger Online Is A Game That Is Perfect For Those Who Love Counting Card

Considering the fact that when it comes to dealing with cards when playing this at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, there are just a few cards that are placed, this is what makes the game a lot simpler. This is because it becomes easy to keep a count and track of the number of big or small cards that have already been dealt. The one thing that you need to ensure you keep your eye on is the seven card. This is because if their card is dealt you will lose the game.

A Nice Casino Game Where the Suit Strategy Can Be Used

One of the biggest factors of this game is Luck, however, it does not mean that you cannot come up with strategies cannot be used. One of the strategies that can be used is the suit strategy, in this, all you have to do keep an eye on the kind of suits that has come on the table and keep an eye on the suit that is dealt the most. This way you will know one of the suits that you can bet on.

If You Want, To Make Lots Of Money Remember This

The biggest mistake you can do is placing bets on ties, the reason behind that is there is an 8 to 1 payout on this front. While it does have the ability to get a player attracted to it, however, it is best that is should be avoided, this is because there is 32.77% on the bet’s house edge. Even if you look at the calculations, it is said to be very simple.

The number of hands that have an outcome of ties is 6,488 out of the possible hand combinations of 86,320. This is one of the main reasons why tie bets are not recommended. With this in mind, now you have an idea how this game work. Why don’t you try it free first at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website before you go and place real money bets.

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